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    Garage Door Service Kirkland wants for you to check out its online gallery so you can have a look at their great variety of
    garage door option and components for residence, commerce, industry and agriculture venues. On that section you are going
    to find a vast catalog of view doors and window models, styles, patterns and colors.
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    We are conscious of how overwhelming having a brand new garage door set up can be, given the fact that it could get
    to be somewhat pricey, not to mention that it will become a steady asset in your house. So you should think it twice
    before making a decision, in order to have it fit your needs. Kirkland Garage Doors offers you an extensive list of services
    for you to choose from. Have a search through our vast selection of products, and if you don’t find exactly what you are
    for, we can design any kind of garage door you desire, based on the great variety of doors and window models, styles,
    colors, sizes, patterns, hardware and accessories that we carry.
  • Kirkland Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    If your garage door is currently malfunctioning, call us at Kirkland Garage Doors and we will check, repair and service it.
    Perhaps the door went off its track, or the lock got jammed. No worries! We got you covered, we have a great team of
    experts waiting to fix that for you. When they are done, your garage door will be as good as new in no time.
Garage Door Service in Kirkland: (425) 209-0823

Garage Door Service Kirkland

New Door Installation

Come by our premises and find out more about our large selection of materials and diversity of styles to choose from. Once you have carefully decided what you desire, you are only one step away from having your garage door set up. Give us a hand into pleasing you, by letting us make your dreamed garage door a reality.

Garage Door Kirkland, WA

New Opener Installation

When it’s all about home gate openers, our team of skilled professionals at Kirkland Garage Doors counts with the necessary capabilities to install any kind of garage door openers. Including chain driven, belt driven and shaft driven openers. We also carry remote and wireless access control systems in our stock.

Garage Door Service Kirkland

Garage Door Repair Kirkland

At Kirkland we have a 24/7garage door repair service. Do not hesitate to give us a call if anything should comeup regarding your garage gate. Whether it is the rail tracks, remote or wireless access control system, door opener or the lock system what’s giving you a hard time. We’ve got them all covered!

Kirkland Garage Doors

If highly experienced personnel with specialized training is what you’re looking for, look no further . At Garage Door Services Kirkland, we have the best and most professional team of specialists in the area.Give us a call at Kirkland Garage Doors and talk with one of our experts, as they’ll kindly give you a complimentary quote, once they learn everything related to your needs. Brand new garage doors, component installation, service and repairment are among all the services that we extend. Only the absolute best and most skillful professionals make the cut to become part of our crew.They are vastly capacitated to both service and/or repair your current garage door as well as install a brand new garage door system from scratch in record timing. Stop by our offices or search on our online website to learn more about our huge selection of garage door styles, models, materials, rail systems, garage door openers, locks, remote controllers, in addition to our systems targeted for commercial or industrial venues. Safety, privacy and comfort are of most importance for you and your household. For that reason, we are extremely careful and meticulous when it comes to security measures. You can feel safe with our fully automatic, reliable garage doors. Kirkland Garage Doors carries the largest stock in cutting-edge automated garage door opener systems in the region, being the best security option for your garage, along with a large number of styles and materials.

If you are considering about making changes to your current garage door, or perhaps you noticed that the door keeps going off track, Kirkland Garage Doors, is precisely the company you need to get in contact with, since we can make your house or business have a complete new look, by giving your garage door a full state-of-the-art renovation.Besides, we are able to repair any type of springs, rewire or replace frayed cables and have your doors back on track in no time. Variety of brand new remote controllers are also in stock at our warehouse.

Kirkland Garage Doors shapes accordingly to your every need. Garage door manufacture and regular maintenance is just the tip of the iceberg in matters of the diversity of services that we offer. We truly believe that our qualifications speak for ourselves, when we see nothing but happy faces on our customers at the end of every service we provide. Client satisfaction is by far our best reward.

Our services are open to any financial situation with a wide range of options. From the simplest and most basic settings to the most intricate and elaborated work. Giving you a great window of opportunities to choose what best suits your needs, based on our varied selection of durable materials with the most reasonable pricing in the region, only at Kirkland Garage Doors.

We provide a free of charge, full warranty, which covers for every service extended by us, as well as for any item bought at our store.Giving you the tranquility over the corresponding repairment or replacement of any defective parts should there be such a case, after you have had your garage doors installed by us as well as with products purchased from us.

We carry high-standard components for garage doors and we deal only with the most prestigious garage door manufacturers in America. If you worry about quality and style, we have a large selection of high quality wooden doors which portray that traditional, classic look,as well as a great variety of exciting modern patterns covering even for the most audacious taste. If your worries are more on the endurance/safety side,it is convenient to say that our garage doors are both weight-safe and resistant.Our steel and aluminum doors display a wide range of possibilities. They can be as lightweight and compact as you need while being sturdy enough to provide resistance and endure for a very long time. Making them efficient garage door openers.

Additionally, we carry doors that provide your garage with thermal resistance and insulation. Our work obeys the minimum insulation standards, which are recommended for most homes. Our group of professionals can come by your residential or commercial premises to inspect the area, in order to fill you in with competent and insightful information to decide over your lock and insulation needs, material availability, opener systems, installation prices, and preventive services. Conversing with any of our skillful employees about your garage door settings, translates into making the wisest decisions and saving some bills while you are at it, when purchasing or servicing your garage door.

Garage Door Service in Kirkland

Who we are

Kirkland Garage Doors professionals are aware of the latest cutting-edge technologies related to garage doors. Our team of experts is proficient as well as experienced in any kind of garage door installment. We feel committed to our community’s peace of mind, for which we propose making of Kirkland a much safer and better city to live in.


We carry only the absolute best materials available in the area. Additionally, we provide our extensive level of experience towards the proper set up of either the classy and traditional yet gorgeous wooden doors or the sturdy and resistant yet light steel alternatives. Lightweight materials such as aluminum and fiber are also part of our vast stock.


We are proficiently skilled in thermal insulation. Our doors can be customized and adapted with insulation materials to ensure their maximum thermal containment.


We have the biggest stock in the market regarding all sorts of different openers for your garage doors. From the smooth belt driven openers to the tougher chain driven openers. All of them with the necessary strength to lift even the heaviest garage doors. Should there be instability in the electrical service or the power shuts down, then you are in need of a power supplier, which are available at our store.

Affordable Service

We do our absolute best in every work we perform and assure you pay only for what you requested, at the most affordable price possible.

Reliable Services

We know how crucial your time is. So we would like to attend to your request and subsequently assist you into solving your problems as soon as possible.

Professional Services

We count with a team of highly-trained employees which are experienced and skilled enough for any kind of garage doors related job.

Clients Testimonials

  • Reuben Andersen

    My family as well as myself feel immensely gratified towards Kirkland Garage Doors as we are completely satisfied with the job they have performed in our house. They set us up with a beautiful brand new garage door in record timing. What a remarkable job they did! We blindly recommend them to anyone interested in renewing their garage door.

  • Jane Collins

    Before hiring Kirkland Garage Door Services, I thought that installing a new garage door would take forever. However, they got the job done in a matter of seconds. They account for a 100% trust-worthy and serious business.Highly recommended!

  • Gary Davidson Jr

    I used to have a rather old and defective garage door opener at home. I was already thinking about getting rid of it and getting a new one. Up until the guys at Kirkland Garage Doors convinced me otherwise.They sent a couple of very skillful experts, who then fixed and replaced what was damaged in just a few minutes. They even gave me great advise on how to use it properly in order to have it functioning for a long time. Very helpful! Thank you guys!

Our Basic Services

Kirkland Garage Doors offers any garage door related service for your household or business. We have experts working around the clock, under the most strict standards of reliability, work ethics and professionalism, maintaining close business relations with our customers, keeping them from having to constantly call to have their case attended. These are our three main fields:

Garage Door Repair Kirkland

Kirkland Garage Door Installation

We count with the capabilities to accomplish any installation of any kind of garage door, no matter its shape or size. Learn more about the materials, styles and systems we use. Just make all the inquiries you need! We will install the type of openers that fit you best, including, but not limited to: access control systems, remote controls and photocells, which are all available for purchase and set up.

Kirkland Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

Do not put your gates at risk. Avoid any damage or jam at all cost. Make use of our garage door services and schedule a maintenance plan for your gate. Our maintenance program will avoid any further malfunction as well as keep your gate on the run. We do not want you to waste neither your time nor your money. Therefore our clients’ satisfaction is of major importance in the success of our business and constitutes our grandest reward.

Kirkland Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Kirkland

Don’t stay on hold for ages to have your garage door serviced and repaired. Make use of our innovative express services. Provided of a team of exceptionally trained experts in fixing openers, stretched springs, frayed cables or getting doors back on their rail tracks, whatever your situation is, we’ve got you completely covered! We labor only with top-notch tools and replacement components to perform the best service possible.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

So, what are you waiting for? Fill our form out which is shown above or contact our phone number located on your right side and get in touch with our staff, our crew of experts will be pleased to answer all your inquiries and will get back to you asap. Lastly, as soon as we have learned all there is to know regarding your requests, we will send you a transparent quote comprising all the details of your requirement.

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