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New Garage Doors

Kirkland Garage Door Repair takes pride of its customized work. Even when many other companies in Kirkland share the same suppliers with us, none of them have required expertise or skills to design the doors just as you want them to be. Only the most genius designers and the best manufacturers form part of our staff, meaning that you are potentially guaranteed to obtain exactly what you desire, and conveniently suited to meet your needs. Only with our highly trained and experienced team of technicians, designers and manufactures, we are able to develop and put together anything we set ourselves to do. Ranging from steel, artistic welding, color matching, window fittings and master woodworkers, all our doors and materials are entirely manageable. Our Kirkland Garage Door Repair business hasn’t come to be the best in the field, by doing just what all the other businesses are doing. Instead, we’re always taking things to the next level, giving our customers something they can be proud of and would like everyone to see. From the fitting of the components and putting an extra effort in styling and coloring, along with providing additional attention to details regarding shapes and hardware alternatives, we can come up with a finish look that will become the envy of your neighbors, and consequently fulfill your expectations, setting a noticeable and considerable gap between Kirkland Garage Door Repair and our competition.


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Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Service Kirkland offers the following materials:

  • Wood, which makes an attractive and versatile material, giving your garage door a classic and vintage look. It comes in many any colors, and it can be easily dyed.
  • Steel, accounts for a much safer alternative, as it provides your doors with a timeless quality.It is also sturdy enough to prevent from breakage and gaps for the access of uninvited guests; namely rodents and such.
  • Aluminum, albeit a lighter option than steel, it can still be very constrictive to dents, while being easily repairable. It is also more resistant to rust than steel doors.
  • Fiber glass, popular for its long-lasting capabilities as well as for its flexibility.
  • Plastic garage doors, which has been a very suitable preference over the last few years, given that it is by far the lightest choice on the market.

Kirkland Garage Door Installation has plentiful of alternatives for you to choose from, providing you with the best and most varied options available.

We will not give up until we have made of your door system installation, everything you have ever wanted.

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We are convinced that your garage door can mean a great deal to you in terms of appearance.However, in certain occasions, many people have the tendency to focus on looks rather than functionality, forgetting about the importance of its endurance. It’s completely pointless designing the “Mona Lisa” of garage gates, if it is impractical or even terribly flawed as to dramatically fail. How astronomically ridiculous would we end up being, if as soon as we finish the job at hand, it just doesn’t seem to operate as it is supposed to? Or even worse, what if it did work, but only a few minutes after leaving your residential or commercial venue, it collapses tragically!? With our full-covered warranty and our 100% satisfaction rate, we can certainly guarantee, that it won’t matter whether we’ve gotten ten feet away or have been gone for 10 years, because every single customer will be immediately attended, regardless of the situation. At Kirkland Garage Door Repair our reputation precedes us, and we take pride of it, as we’ve fairly earned it for treating our clients very differently than other companies do in the field. We basically do not consider that our job is done, until our customers are greatly satisfied. So stop postponing any further and get in touch with us today at Kirkland Garage Door Repair, to get a complimentary quote of commercial and/or residential garage door installation, repairment, garage door opener budget, or garage door service plan.

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Shapes and Colors


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